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Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!

None. None more perfect.

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I’m intrigued by all your posting of Bucky/Steve and the gorgeous gorgeous Sebastian Stan but haven’t actually seen the films. Is there any sort of ship manifesto floating around for those two that you could point me towards, or YT clips/vids etc because I think I would like to get involved (even if it’s just so I can understand your fic) but I feel I need some background info first. Thank you :)

hi!!  i hope you don’t mind me replying to your submission on my blog—i can’t seem to send you an ask to reply.  i think that if you’re intrigued by the bucky/steve, i would definitely suggest diving head first right into the canon—the complete runtime of the two movies is about 4 hours total which isn’t bad at all.  :)  i don’t think that captain america 2 has hit dvds just yet but there are some decent versions floating around on the internet if you’re okay with finding them that way.  otherwise, captain america 1 pretty much gives you all you need to understand the dynamic between steve & bucky and is fantastic in that regard despite a kind of mediocre plotline.  PLUS, PEGGY.

i don’t personally know of a good compilation of scenes—the only one that i saw was kind of confusing if you haven’t seen the movie beforehand—maybe one of my followers can point us towards a good one?  i have a soft spot for this fanvid but otherwise, i’m at a loss. /o\

re: ship manifestos—i don’t know of a good one!  help, friends??  i guess if i were to write a ship manifesto it would probably be like: DO YOU LIKE LOYALTY KINK?  TWO CHARACTERS WHO ARE GENUINELY GOOD BUT ALSO COMPLEX?  do you like the amnesia trope? how about repressed pining? everyone sad all the time always? WELCOME TO STEVE/BUCKY FANDOM (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(but seriously though, thank you for being interested in my fic despite peripheral interest in fandom!  that makes my entire day <3)

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 Javier Canale

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Anonymous said:

not psychic anon here. i read your reply to my ask and was very excited to learn that the next chapter was going too be steve's POV...until i realized how much pining that is going to be. ahhh i am torn somewhere between excited and terrified. what are you going to do to me.

[lizard laugh.jpg]

i’ve been inundated with so much real life stuff that i’m still stuck at the same word count as i was at like a week ago but i’m crossing my fingers that things will clear up by the start of next week as long as i can manage to be super super productive this week.

meanwhile, i’m hijacking this ask to do the sunday six/however many lines this is

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Anonymous said:

re: your last post about our golden age, is it safe to assume that at any given point steve would probably jump into a relationship with bucky without really thinking through or caring about the consequences/baggage as another reason bucky doesn't want to go down that route? i always love hearing your thought process behind the stories/characters btw :)

hahaha, yeah i think that aligns perfectly with bucky’s general assumption of the role of protecting steve—though i’m not sure if i’d give him enough credit to have it be a conscious decision.  i think that bucky knows that he’s kind of a disaster but i think that he’s under the slight delusion that he’s pretty much got it all under control when in reality his life is pretty much run by other people post-grad.  it makes me think that maybe this is part of the reason he’s so stubborn about saying no—because it’s a fucked up way to demonstrate some measure of self-control/discipline in a time when he feels like he doesn’t have any.

and i mean, that’s gotta be hard.  knowing that your best friend has feelings for you and you want so desperately to reciprocate those feelings but for a variety of reasons, it’s just not the right time.  or the right lifetime, even.  everything is a mess.

in conclusion: royal au bucky probably needs a therapist but he’d never admit it because he’s supposed to be the crown prince and to admit it would be to admit weakness and to provide fodder for another couple hundred articles about how he’s going to follow in the footsteps of the queen.

also thanks for indulging me, friend!  i spend more time thinking about these idiots than i probably should and i really enjoy talking about them. :)  i love answering questions about anything related to this verse—or even just writing in general!  i’m a little slow at replying but my askbox is always open <333

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