#i see these photos and i think of that recent poll that voted you sexiest man in the world in that tabloid. #and i think yes they clearly have great taste on that score. #and then i think about how when asked about it you were all ‘LOL I’VE NEVER TAKEN ANYTHING LESS SERIOUSLY IN MY LIFE.’ #and i hate you more than i already do because you NEVER buy into the silly polls and the idea of fame and the trappings that go with it. #because if there’s anything better than being ridiculously good-looking it’s that all you do is go on about your job #and how that fancy oscar party was just WORK #and how much you miss home #and how all of that stuff (including the silly polls) just go along with the territory #that it’s ACTING that you love #and ACTING that you’re so passionate about#and ACTING that you want to challenge yourself with #and how lucky you are to be doing the one thing you wanted so badly to do in an area that isn’t exactly easy to break into#and if it means going along with polls and parties you’ll take it all in stride #but that’s not WHY you do what you do. #you do what you do because you love it #and then you add insult to injury by being all around lovely and sometimes sarcastic and funny and intelligent#and oh yeah did i mention ridiculously good-looking (even though you don’t think so?)#and then it makes me think things like this #and then i realize it’s time for me to stop#because you are in all ways ridiculous and i hate you and your person for being the way that you are. #and now it’s time for me to question my sanity. #the end. 

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