sometimes i consider downloading supernatural just to understand what half of my dash is about

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#text post #who do i tag in this #courtni obvs #victortrevor #savecavendish #emily too because #DO YOU REMEMBER SCREAMING A LOT WHEN WE WATCHED THE FIRST TWO SEASONS #and that one ep with the sewer sludge that was CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN PHILADELPHIA #and demons everywhere #omg emily i don't think i've ever pointed this out #but in the shitty apartment #did you ever notice that like in the stairwell #there was a light switch that was level with the top of the stairs #at the far end #it always irrationally freaked me out a little #lol you probably won't even see this post #I'LL CATCH YOU ON GCHAT LATER

  1. cocainetongues said: oh my god this was me just two weeks ago?? go for it i mean it’s an awful show but hey, incest and misha collins’ face
  2. savecavendish said: FFFFFFFFF ARE YOU SAYING THAT WAS A DEMON LIGHT SWITCH??! adlfkja;elkfj;aldf i’m glad you didn’t mention this while we were actually there because then that stairwell would have another scary thing in addition to that DEMON STAIR HOLE as;j
  3. lionsandfoxes said: seconding the suggestion to watch 4.01 because basically CASTIEL cccc:?
  4. outercorner said: you could just watch it online? I know a few links where you can just load it and watch w/o paying (which is how I kept up with season 5&6. Alas, I am behind on 7). If you want. or you might think we’re all crazy. 8)
  5. doughtier said: Oh man, just watch 4.01. WATCH IT.
  6. coramillsed said: i love everything about this post
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