> give me cracky concept

> i turn it into angst

here’s bodyswap!  figuring out how to do pretend married now……….


Mikado falls asleep to the thrum of the train passing below his apartment window.  His laptop is still on, casting a fluorescent glow into the corners of his small room.


He wakes up miles away to a warm weight in his arms and the smell of unfamiliar shampoo.


“Masaomi,” Saki says as she pours him tea, “Are you alright?  You’ve been quiet all morning.”

“Hm?” Mikado replies absently as he lifts the teacup to his lips, and then sets it down abruptly again, “Oh.  I—uh.”

She touches his forehead, “Are you getting sick?”

“Yes,” Mikado says, “Yes.  I don’t feel very well.”


Mikado leans against the unfamiliar bathroom sink and looks at his face in the mirror.

It’s not his face but it is no less familiar to him than his own.  He touches the cheek, runs fingertips to his jaw.  He closes his eyes.  He misses this face, Kida’s face.


When he wakes up again, he sees the ceiling of his own apartment.  There is a hollow ache behind his collarbone, like he’s been crying.

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