And I know you’re mad at the battalion. Because as you know, I’ve been talking to you, and I’ve heard you. And I know you’re angry. I know you’re angry that the supply truck was burned and you don’t have that food to eat. You told me this, and I heard you. But you shouldn’t be angry at your command. If you’re angry at your command, then you’re saying it was our fault that the supply truck was burned. But we didn’t burn the supply truck. The enemy burned the supply truck. They took your food from you. That’s the important thing to remember…

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The point is, Brad, you're so fucking cute when you're angry.
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Reporter, you are possibly the biggest fuckup I have encountered (x).
Reporter, you are possibly the biggest fuckup I have encountered (x).
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generation kill characters: Cpl. Walt Hasser

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Generation Kill - Nate Fick - TV Tropes

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Holy shit.


Holy shit.

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jenny, jenny, jenny! i started watching generation kill and i need fic recs, link me your favourite fics if you'll have some time pleeeease. ^^ <3


oh my god fanni you are in luck generation kill is one of the most consistently fantastic fandoms.  like, i don’t think i’ve encountered another fandom this quality.

to start, you need to read this fic:

and then you should browse this tag:

and after that, this tag:

:)))))) <3333

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"The battalion operations chief runs across the sand, shouting at Colbert, “Abandon your Humvee!” He orders him to set it on fire with an incendiary grenade, yelling, “Thermite the radios!”
Colbert pounds the roof of his Humvee, screaming, “I’m not abandoning this vehicle!”
One of Espera’s Marines watching the spectacle from a distance glumly observes,“We’re going to die because Colbert’s in love with his Humvee.”"

Evan Wright (Generation Kill)

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