The talented buckybuns asked for book recommendations that have been formative to the development of my own writing and as I sat down to think about such a list, I realized that I had way too much to say on the topic. So even though she never asked for such a long, rambling post, I’m taking this as an excuse to discuss how I approach my own writing with the tentative hope that something useful might come out of this post for anyone else

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Lovely Literary Art Prints featuring quotes By Famous Authors by Evan Robertson

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do you have any tips for somebody who wants to be a better writer?

Sorry this took me so long to get to, I actually had to do a lot of thinking about my own writing process to figure out if I had anything to say. As a preface, this literally only applies to how work, what I’ve learned, what I think is better, and what I find useful, so if you disagree with any of this you are totally at leave to.

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writing is safer, somehow
because my pen cannot stutter like my lips do,
and words get stuck in throats,
not fingertips, can’t stumble
on paper trails of blue lines
because writing is definite and clear
and no one can tell if i am crying
or laughing
through written words alone 

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F, G, M. <3

F: What’s your favorite book? Favorite author?

…………….ok this is literally the nerdiest but my favorite textbook of all time is wade’s organic chemistry followed closely by this red brick of a physical chemistry book.


G: What’s your least favorite book?  Least favorite author?

this is actually a pretty difficult question.  i loathed a lot of books we had to read for high school (chopin’s the awakening and hawthorne’s the scarlet letter among them) but i think i might have a different opinion on them if i read them now.  i mean, i detested hemingway back in the day and now he’s one of the writing styles i look up to.

but i know for a fact that it’s very very difficult for me to get through kerouac’s on the road.  because he’s so smug.  i just want to punch him in the face every few pages.  it won’t be long before i give up on the book altogether.  /o\

M: How do you feel when somebody gives harsh yet constructive criticism?

"harsh yet constructive criticism" describes the way my creative writing prof deconstructed my writing style and told me to start over and it was the only way i made any real progress.  :D

if the criticism has to do with my writing, i’ll definitely take the advice and decide whether or not i want to incorporate it.  if it has to do with being confused or structural elements of the story, i’ll definitely pay attention and try to improve from there.

if the criticism has to do with characterization or interpretation, i probably won’t pay as much attention.  the thing that’s so fascinating about fandom is that we all have different incarnations of the characters in our heads and sometimes they align with the incarnations in other people’s heads and sometimes they don’t.  i write solely from my incarnations so i’m sure there’s bound to be conflict somewhere.  /o\

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in re writing meme: ahahaha, i can't decide .__. can i just throw the ones i like best at you and you choose which one you want to answer? :D J: What does writing mean to you? | O: What motivates you to write? | T: What’s your favorite part of the writing process? Why? | U: What’s your least favorite part of the writing process? Why? | V: What do you listen to when you write? (because music!) | W: What’s your biggest pet peeve in writing? or maybe C or K? i hope you have a great day :)


J: What does writing mean to you?

it’s like sitting in a hospital staff orientation for a full day and walking out solely with, “this will really help me write john.”

(previously answered <3)

O: What motivates you to write?

candy, chuck-e-cheese tickets, and the promise of being able to get hot babes

(previously answered haha)

T: What’s your favorite part of the writing process?  Why?

haha i answered this previously but i also wanted to add: when you’re really dreading writing an important scene because you think that you’re going to fuck it up but you push through anyways and when you’re done, you read back over what you wrote and it actually wasn’t that bad.  :DD  fave~~

U: What’s your least favorite part of the writing process?  Why?

the actual sitting down at the computer and putting the words onto paper.  it’s like pulling teeth sometimes.  /o\  totally of the opinion that writers are secret masochists.

V: What do you listen to when you write?

YES GOOD QUESTION <333 i actually have a writing mixtape (here on 8tracks or downloadable somewhere on my blog) that have a lot of the artists that i listen to when writing.  it’s mostly indie/quiet music.  there’s something strangely vulnerable about their voices or the way that the song is arranged that i can really draw on in my own writing.  there are also instrumental pieces that have similar elements.  finding the right soundtrack for my writing is about half the work of sitting down to write, haha.

but of course, it depends on the kind of fic i’m writing.  totally unashamed to admit that i wrote all of give me an inch and i’ll sell you a pound to justin bieber’s christmas album.  /o/

W: What’s your biggest pet peeve in writing?

i really hate it when writers use words.  it’s just really annoying.

(previously answered~)

C: Who is your favorite character of your own?  Who is your favorite character created by somebody else?  Why?

my fave character that nobody knows would be leo emerson—i wrote like 100k of his story in high school and i hope to rewrite his story someday~~

as for other people’s characters………….wow i love a lot of them for wholly different reasons.  from sherlock, it’s definitely john watson because john watson.  i’m one of the people who subscribes to the idea that he’s infinitely more complicated than sherlock and i will totally fight you on this~  from other shows: carrie mathison from homeland for being super super compelling, freddie lyon from the hour for being thoroughly relentless and heartbreaking, leslie knope and ben wyatt from parks and rec for being leslie knope and ben wyatt.  i don’t think i’ve read enough novels recently to really have a fave character from books.  D:

K: Share an old, embarrassing work?

what old work

i’ve burned it all



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F, J, O, Q :)

F: What’s your favorite book? Favorite author?

ok so like this is probably not even an appropriate answer because he’s not an author author but barack obama’s the audacity of hope.  the man writes exactly like how he speaks, which is to say, smooth and perfectly cadenced—the words literally just flow off the page effortlessly.  ok i’m sorry is my crush on the president a little too obvious here?  and i haven’t even started to talk about what he actually says—like if you need proof that we elected the right man to the white house, just fucking read this book.  okay sorry i’ll go be annoyingly liberal somewhere else now

(and then i just realized that you’re australian and this would be of like 0 interest to you UMMMM ALSO CHECK OUT OLIVER SACKS WHO IS MY FAVORITE NEUROLOGIST AND WRITES REALLY FANTASTIC CASE STUDIES <3)

J: What does writing mean to you?

you have two midterms next week so you’re sitting in the library but you get hit with an idea.  the library’s crowded but you’re too sunk into a scene to worry much about anyone reading over your shoulder.

(previously answered~)

O: What motivates you to write?

after i get past the initial hurdle of beginning to write, i write to the end so i can get the story out of my head and focus on something else.  i am a terrible multitasker.

to get myself started, i really have to be in love with the idea otherwise it probably won’t get written at all.  it helps if i’m writing the fic for someone so i know that someone’s counting on me. :D

Q: How do you get through writer’s block?

i cry and then offer my tears as a sacrifice to the writing gods

(previously answered :D)

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meggannn said:

for the writing meme: I'll do your name! J-E-N(-N-)Y

J: What does writing mean to you?

wow this is an unexpectedly deep question.

for me, it’s a kind of outlet?  like i have too much pent up energy and all these stories and characters in my head all clamoring for attention and if i put them on paper, it feels like it’s leaving my head and i don’t have to think about it any more?  i’m pretty into cleanliness and letting go of a story is kind of like being able to finally clean out my brain and reorganize which is a weirdly great feeling.

it’s also taught me a lot about empathy, i think.  spending time in characters’ heads isn’t so different from slipping on the perspective of someone else irl and it’s really helped me to mature into a better person and recognize my own flaws.


N: Which writing blogs and writing help blogs do you follow?

i don’t follow anything.  whatever writing ability i have came from looking at pieces that i thought were amazing and thinking, “how can i pull in the aspects i loved about this writing into my own style?” or from the few writing workshops i did in college where every week we identified what worked and what didn’t in our own writing.  that writing professor basically taught me everything i know.  :)  as for blogs—i feel as if a lot of the posts giving out writing advice are based on personal preference of the person writing it and i don’t think that there are any rules set in stone about writing that have to be followed.  i mean, even epithets have their uses and i’m 100% sure that i’ve thoroughly enjoyed pieces that used them.  i think the best thing that someone can do to improve in their writing is to hand something off to a beta who really knows what they’re doing—and work at improving their work for months, if not years.

Y - i still want that hemingway/proulx/siken baby tbh

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for the write meme, the letters Z E B R A :D

Z: How often do you read?

when i’m busy with school or writing, i tend not to read much.  i’ve gotten much better at reading books over the past year and now i can be switching between like 5 different books at the same time.  i tend to be pretty irregular about when i read though. :/

in terms of fanfic, sometimes i get really into it and read a whole lot of it all at once / seek it out.  most of the time though, i generally only read what i get linked to—which probably makes me one of the least well-read fans in sherlock fandom haha.  /o\

E: Have you ever participated in National Novel Writing Month or any of its variations?

i’ve tried to do nano like 3 or 4 times by now.  i’ve failed every time……………….  ONE DAY.

B: How often do you write?

only when i’m inspired and have a project to work on.  i have a lot of ideas at any given time but i don’t do much prewriting/planning on paper so during those spans of time when the idea is getting generated, i don’t write a single word.  when i really get into it though, i can go anywhere from 3k-6k words a day.

R: What genre do you write in?

i was going to make a quip but i think i’ll spare you all my attempt at being witty.  ”angst” is probably a good descriptor, isn’t it?

A: What do you write?  Fanfiction, original fiction, nonfiction, articles, songs, poems, essays, plays, what?

fanfiction…………so much fanfiction…………….

and maybe some nonfiction science.  i miss it a lot klasjdfalsd it’s been too long since i’ve last complained about a failed experiment ;_____;

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*resists temptation to ask all of them*
L, W, Y? <3

L: What advice would you give to other writers?

wow i am the least qualified to be giving advice to anyone ummmmmm

probably to not stress out over it if you’re doing it in your free time?  if you aren’t getting at least some sense of self-satisfaction out of writing, it might be time to stop working on that piece and try something else or take a break from writing altogether.  don’t compare yourself to other people—i really think that writing is one of those things that needs to come from you and that everyone has their own unique voice even if it’s tempered by authors they like, and that’s really wonderful when you think about it.  <3  :D

W: What’s your biggest pet peeve in writing?

scientific inaccuracies

i’m pretty ambivalent about pretty much everything tbh.  though if i had to pick something……..  i have the tendency to notice epithets.  like, i see one and i just stare at it and the entire page kind of falls away and i’m just looking at the words “the good doctor” in the middle of a paragraph about sherlock sucking john’s dick or something and my brain is like triumphantly crowing “THERE IS AN EPITHET HERE WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY IDENTIFIED IT!!!” and i’m like “brain. stop. please. why.”

Y: How would you describe the perfect prose?  How would you describe your own prose?

1. if hemingway and proulx and siken got together and had a word baby. (I’LL TAKE RECS IF YOU HAVE THEM???)

2. it’s very basic and minimal—i’m still working my way up to the style i’d like to have which would be a bit more lyrical and have better cadence than what i currently have.  :)

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